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Online NDT Training (eLearning)

Global NDE Guru is an eLearning program of NDT Consultancy Services Inc., a fast growing, technology driven company focused on creating path-breaking online ndt training, certification, inspection and other consulting Services across the field of non destructive testing. We are committed to delivering affordable, effective and complete solutions that continually bring values to our customers. Our comprehensive programs are designed to provide best practices and leading knowledge of non-destructive testing. Our eLearning program places great emphasis on hands-on training to complement the theory of the applicable method.

Who can make career through eLearning

1) Those want to save money on travel expenses and technician downtime
2) Those having time constraint due to their nature of job but same time want to enhance, maintain or update their certification or keep continue education..
3) Those willing to make career in the major growing field of Non Destructive Testing
4) Those already having certification in NDT methods and want to renew their certification
5) Quality Control and Quality Assurance personnel, Managers , Engineers , Foreman , Supervisors , Inspectors, Technician and other responsible for manufacturing can take our courses to better understand Design, control, process, product and services in various industries
6) Those working or willing to work in the industries like Refinery, Petrochemicals, Nuclear Plant, Ship Building, Pipeline Manufacturing, Inspection Services, Offshore Industries, Aviation, Fabrication, NDT service Inductors etc.

Why eLearning with Global NDE Guru

Our courses are designed to full fill the requirements of ASNT SNT-TC -1A , NAS 410 , CP -189 , Other equivalent standards and customer specific written practice. Our courses are presented in multimedia techniques and available in Videos , Audio and Text Form. In Video mode you will have classroom feeling. We provided practice test on each modules to have better understanding for course materials. Course material are giving depth knowledge of subject matter. Our courses are very interactive and easy to understand.

How to proceed eLearning:

Our eLearning process is very simple , following are the procedure to accomplish our online NDT training
1) Visit our website
2) Purchase our online courses in which you want to get training.
3) Login to your account and start to go through one by one Text Module
4) Once finish the Text Module , attend practice test of that module , you can attend practice test as many times you want.
5) Go through all Text Modules and all practice test one by one.
6) If you want to look the video of each module you can look each module in video and you will get feel of classroom.
7) If can listen audio of each module also.
8) Once you will finish all the text modules and all the practice test , then only you will be allowed to take Final Examination.
9) Upon successful completion of the Final Examination you will get credit against your certification .
10)Minimum 70% passing mark is required.
11)When you successfully completed you online training , you can schedule with us for further Practical Training ( hands-on), Specification Training and Examination in Practical and Specification.
12)As per SNT-TC-1A or NAS 410, CP-189 , you need three examination i.e. General, Specification and Practical
13)An Average grading of all three examination should be minimum 80% for your complete training requirements.

How to get Practical (hands-on) training

Once you finish online training and successfully passed the online Final ( General) Examination you need to schedule for practical training ("hands-on" Training) with us. You can call 832-237-2800/ Toll Free 1-877-237-2858 or send email

How to start registration

Here are step for Sign up to subscribe the courses:

  • 1) Visit
  • 2) Register by clicking on 'Sign up here' button and ‘Sign up here' link is below the Member login of home page.
  • 3) An email will be sent out to your email address for verification and validity purpose. There is link which says 'Click here to confirm Login' in the email, once that link is clicked, the registration will be confirmed.
  • 4) Once registration is confirmed, then students can do following things:
    Login using student id and password given in registration process. They will see several tabs, which includes:
    • Dashboard
    • Profile
    • My Courses
    • Subscribe
    • Test
    • Video
    • Audio
    • Change Password
    • Logout
  • 5) When you will click “Subscribe” you will see the offered courses. Left side on page will display Online Courses and Right side will display Class room courses which start with (CT) means class room training.
  • 6) If you are willing to subscribe online courses, click that courses and it will take you to display the description of course and you can play the demo video of that course also. When you will click “confirm order” button, it will take you the Google Checkout and you can start the process of checkout.
  • 7) Once you checked out a course then that course will display in the “Dashboard”
  • 8) You can click “My Courses” to see the courses you purchased and you can access to the modules of that courses in Text. If you are buying multiple courses, all your courses will be displayed here.
  • 9) Modules you can see as power point presentation, booklet or scroll from and you can see in full screen also.
  • 10)Clicking “Test” you will see the Practice Test and General Examination, where you can do the practice test of each modules and give the Final Examination in the end of the course. If you are buying multiple courses, your entire course’ test will be displayed here.
  • 11)Clicking Video, you can access the videos of each module of that course which you purchased. If you are buying multiple courses, all your courses will be displayed here. When you are buying multiple courses, your entire course’ Video will be displayed here.
  • 12)Clicking Audio, you can access the Audio of each module of that course which you purchased. If you are buying multiple courses, your entire course’ Audio will be displayed here.
  • 13)In “Change Password”, you can change your password if you need it.
  • 14)Clicking “Logout” , you will be logged of from the Website
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